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Double Decker Coach 72 Seater

Here at Wolverhampton Vehicle Hire Services, we are dedicated to providing high-quality and affordable vehicle hire services in Wolverhampton and the surrounding localities. Our tariffs are competitively priced against that our nearest rivals and we regularly check prices to ensure our customers are getting the best value for money. Our trained and professional staff are used to providing and exceptional customer experience on a daily basis.

All of our coaches and minibuses are fitted with the latest safety technology and all modern amenities. Our vehicles are, without doubt, the best equipped and most frequently used in the East Midlands area.

All of our fleet go through an MOT and a service on an annual basis to ensure they are fit for purpose and roadworthy. It is important that we professionally valet all vehicles after the completion of a hire job, so they are ready for the next customer. Customers rely on our quick turnaround times and our ability to provide excellent vehicle hire services.

How to Make a Booking

If you want to make a booking with us then pick up the telephone or visit our website:

We will need to know where you are going, how long you are going for, which hire vehicle you require to hire and how long you want to hire a vehicle for. If you have any special requirements then let us know over the telephone or on the online booking form, so we can tailor our services to your needs.

Points of Interest in Wolverhampton

Wolverhampton is a moderately sized city located in the heart of the West Midlands; it has a population of over 200,000. It is an extremely popular tourist destination and has range of hotels, pubs and restaurants, which cater for all different tastes.